Home Baking Day (Global Mall) Studio Rules For Group Guests

Home Baking Day (Global Mall) Studio Rules For Group Guests
Maximum guests:64人 (擁擠)
Numbers of desserts suggestion:24 for bake desserts, 10 for non-bake desserts.



  1. The studio will not take any other customers during group reservation hours.  There is a minimum order charge for group reservation.  You need to pay the difference when the actual order amount exceeds the agreed amount.  No refund for the actual order amount under the agreed amount.  
  2. Please make the deposit within three days after make reservation.  Please PM our staff on FB and present the payment slip to confirm the reservation.  The reservation will be cancelled automatically after three days if we do not receive the message and bank slip proof.
  3. The deposit amount is based on the agreement amount.
  4. Please PM our staff on FB to confirm the dessert menu and seat numbers three days before the reservation date.
  5. Our studio only provides dessert options for group reservations.  If you need to purchase any additional ingredients, there will be extra charge on the purchase.
  6. We provide three hours for one group reservation.  If your group needs more time for the baking party, please make two reservations, six hours, for the party.
  7. The maximum guest numbers for each studio as follows:
  • Home Baking Day (Chungyo Department Store): 30 people
  • Home Baking Day (HONGHUI Department Store): 70 people
  • Home Baking Day (Taroko Mall): 60 people
  • Home Baking Day (Big City): 70 people
  • Home Baking Day (Global Mall): 64people
  • Home Baking Day (Tonlin Plaza):50people
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